Corporate Structure Engineering

There’s a saying that “form follows function” Put another way, the design of something should support its purpose.

If we were to ask you a random and seemingly strange question, “Why does a rocket behave the way it does and how is it different from a parachute that behaves the way it does?” You’d probably say something like, “Well, they’re designed differently. One is designed to go fast and far and the other is designed to cause drag and slow an objection in motion. Because they’re designed differently, they behave differently.” And you’d be correct.

But if I were to ask you a similar question about your business, “Why does your business behave the way it does and how can you make it behave differently?” would you answer “design?” Very few people — even management experts — would.

The point we want to make is, “How something is designed controls how it behaves”.

We at MHA are passionate about Corporate Structuring Engineering and act like a guardian on the first baby step of your business while determining the right jurisdiction for setting up your business in UAE or internationally. Our expertise and intensive research into the various business activities, licenses, approvals and procedures will give you the required impetus to boost start your business and provide you with a peace of mind to just focus on your operational aspect and trust us with your corporate and administrational duties. As they say, “well begun is half done”.

Our clients form structures for a number of different reasons and reside in a number of jurisdictions with differing political, legal, tax and financial systems. As a result, certain structures may be suitable for one client but not for another. One of MHA’s core principles is to develop a deep understanding of the unique requirements of each individual client. That specialist insight allows us to structure the appropriate solution from a broad spectrum of options we offer our clients in conjunction with the advice received from their investment and tax advisors.

This typically includes :-

  • Company Formation and Application Assistance for Onshore, Freezone in UAE.

  • Offshore structuring across the globe including UAE.

  • Consulting on Business Activity.

  • Determining the jurisdiction for proposed business.

  • Understanding the licensing and approval requirement.

  • Preparing Business Plan.

  • Liaising with concerned authority for administrative purpose.

  • Assistance for obtaining UAE Residency.